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Emerging Trend: Gold

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Gold, the colour of luxury and opulence, from thick brush-strokes to detailed stipple textures.  The finish is precious in appearance almost dusty and tarnished.  This antique feel is then merged with modern materials such as matte black tiles or even marble.  Gold needs to be used wisely, less is more with this emerging trend, little finishing touches of gold can add a sense of glamour to any interior environment.  

Gold big

Nat Gold Emerging trend [DesignCode] [ColourName] [ColourCode] Ashlar 50Cm Open Plan 3

Custom Infuse

Nat Scribble Gold [DesignCode] [ColourName] [ColourCode] Random 50Cm Open Plan 2

Custom Scribble


  1. Jason Martin (seen on Homebuildlife)(seen on Homebuildlife)
  2. Christopher Schanck (seen on Homebuildlife)
  3. Gold ornaments (seen on Homebuildlife)
  4. Refin Ceramics (seen on Homebuildlife)
  5. Terry Pawson Architects (seen on Homebuildlife)
  6. Custom Infuse 
  7. Custom Scribble
  8. Custom Monochrome
  9. Custom Urban Retreat 102

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