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Colour of the Month: Silver

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Silver is an emerging colour direction, stemming from the recent influx of metallic tones. Silver metals are worked with a high-shine polished surface or with an industrial stainless steel finish.  The colour palette remains corporate with a no fuss approach.  Tones of grey make this palette sophisticated, layering these tones and using them in combinations with each other is ideal.  Fabrics have a high lustre appearance almost artificial looking.

Silver LR


  1. Architecture Source: Homebuildlife
  2. Dutch Design Week Joris Laarman October 2014 (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  3. Tamurakoma Munich November 2011 (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  4. London Design Festival James Price Blacksmiths September 2014 (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  5. Performance Days Chang-Ho Fibre Corporation November 2013 (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  6. Silver Cup Source: Homebuildlife
  7. Dutch Design Week Joris Laarman October 2014 (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  8. Iceberg autumn/winter 2014/15 women Catwalks (As seen on Homebuildlife)


Silver flooring concepts by Product Designer Emily Brown:


Silver Roomset 1

 Office Roomset - Composure- Isolation ,Superflor -Siberian FrostHeuga 725- Platin and Polichrome Tumeric

Floorplan - Londinium – IslingtonNet Effect B701 – Arctic & North Sea and Monochrome-Black and Silver

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