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Colour of the Month: Rust

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Rust has an autumnal direction in mind, colours are deep and dark suggesting a flavour of what is to come as the seasons change.  The use of terracotta and brick as raw material decoration are apparent, they are mainly used as a focal area to add interest to an interior space.  Wooden sticks create skyscraper structures these are used in a collection together to form an ornamental piece.  Textiles are intricate and delicate, the lattice detail almost looks like a modern take on the traditional doily.  The colour palette combines shades of buoyant browns, ochre, burnt oranges and hints of rich reds. 



  1. The Palemauve Post Source: (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  2. Xote Tumblr Source: (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  3. Audinou on Flickr Source: (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  4. Broderies Langlet Source: (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  5. Seetal Solanki Tumblr Source: (As seen on Homebuildlife)
  6. Loekie Smeets Eindhoven Source: Homebuildlife
  7. Yiqing Yin Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2013 Source: Homebuildlife
  8. Ine Van Den Elsen Source: (As seen on Homebuildlife)


Rust flooring concepts by Product Designer Emily Rimmer:

Roomset 1

Roomset 2

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