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Emerging Trend: Tactile Tech

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Tactile Tech is all about a new sense of feel for surfaces on everyday technology, as our lives become increasingly screen-focused. This is making us as a whole more responsive to touch, meaning new technology is taking on more organic and interesting interfaces. Materials such as wood, leather, concrete, and woven rattan are being used alone or combined together to create contrasting textures and tactile combinations.

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  1. CLIC wood and metal iPhone case by Native Union Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  2. Concrete iPhone skin by Posh Craft Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  3. Surface Matters touch-responsive lighting by Eun Hee Jo Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  4. Engrain wooden keyboard veneers Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  5. Rattan radio by Mathieu Lehanneur for Lexon Source: Lexon (seen on WGSN)
  6. Wooden touch slab by Orée Source: (seen on WGSN)

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