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Colour Insight: Red

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Red emanates energy, excitement and power.

Psychologically red relates to the body and its affect is physical. This colour has the physiological affect of raising our body’s pulse rate, stimulating adrenaline, increasing our reaction time and being alert. It activates our inherent need for survival. For these reasons, red has become the colour strongly identified with the sports industry, the Red Cross, sports car manufacturers and energy drink Brands.

It is also a visually arresting colour, that demands attention. Red is a colour that appears nearer than it actually is, making it the perfect candidate for red warning signs, alarms and traffic lights and for grabbing our attention to Sale signs.

Red evokes the mix of energy and excitement, and consequently, passion. Passion can encompass love and desire, but also anger and aggression.

Shades of red can vary from Scarlet (reddish-orange), Crimson (reddish-blue), Burgundy (reddish-purple) and Brick Red (reddish-brown).


Image Reference - Hitex Textile Co. Ltd. at TITAS 2013 Source: WGSN



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