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Emerging Trend: Pen & Pencil Line

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Pen and Pencil Line is an emerging trend which is simple and fun, with materials having a hand-drawn scribbled effect throughout. Crayon and felt pen marks are formed using etched, illustrative patterns leaving a hand-made feel overall. Patterns are blown up and re-shaped to fill whole items of clothing and furniture, giving an eye catching appearance especially using bright pastel pen marks. The contrast of  monochrome and dark charcoal lines gives a dramatic look to the trend.



  1. Cutting board and trivets by RK Design Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  2. Dress by Vika Gazinskaya Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  3. Exhibition by Nendo, 2011 Source: Photographed by Daici Ano. As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  4. Illustration by Emma Cope Source: (seen on WGSN)
  5. The Missing Novella by Derek Sullivan, 2012 Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  6. Workday Handmade Source: (seen on WGSN)

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