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Colour of the Month: Emerald

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Natural, calming and refreshing, Emerald is a bold colour coming through particularly for interiors. The deep tones of greens create a moody feel, but at the same time provide a fresh vibe. Flowing fabrics are used in fashion with the shiny materials reflecting the different shades of emerald, creating a glamorous look throughout. In interiors patterns have a nature theme running through with leaves and foliage, bringing everyone back to nature.

Emerald Moodboard aReferences 

  1. Glazed Abaca wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  2. Arabesque emerald rug by Capel Rugs Source: (seen on WGSN)
  3. Silk cotton by Madeline Weinrib Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  4. Palm jungle wallpaper by Cole and Son Source: (seen on WGSN)
  5. Monique Lhullier autumn/winter 2013/14 Source: WGSN
  6. Tiles by Anna Sacks Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  7. Interior styling by Marjorie Skouras Design Source: (seen on WGSN)
  8. Sephora + Pantone Universe Colour Charged Graphic Nail Lacquer Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)

Emerald flooring concepts by placement student Sophie Hale:

Roomset - UR501 - Ivy, Grass NEW

Roomset - Cellular - Mingle, Equilibrium - Ability, UR103 - Ivy A

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