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Emerging Trend: Melted

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Melted is the latest trend moving on from the Marble trend posted last month. Melted gives off a very man made feel, with synthetic, vibrant colours and random shapes being the main focus. Plastic is formed into shapes to create everyday interior accessories such as lightshades , vases and even jewellery. As the plastic melts it creates a mesh type effect which gives an handmade look to this emerging trend. Swirls of pastel colours are blended together giving marbling effects and bright colours are used against a stark white backdrop creating a bold look which makes accessories stand out as unique feature pieces.


  1. Sandwich by Stefan Gross, 2011 Source: (seen on WGSN)
  2. FRozenPlastic “AMorph” by Shahar Kagan Source: (seen on WGSN)
  3. Melted plastic Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  4. Spaghetti Special L Vase by Gaetano Pesce Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  5. Gaetano Pesce Jewellery Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  6. Rachel Comey spring/summer 2014 Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)

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