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Surface Design Show 2014: Interesting Surfaces

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Surface Design Show is the place to find new and innovative surface solutions, materials and products. The show provides ideal opportunities for designers and architects to source latest trends in materials.  A trend I saw emerging at Surfaces this year was iridescence, showing the surfaces of many objects playing with colour depending on what angle they were viewed from and how they were illuminated.  Take a little look at my ‘Interesting Surface’ from this years show…


  1. Notarianni Glass presented glass panels with hand blown cascading glass bubbles back lit by LED’s
  2. Objects In Glass displayed an laminate which can be used as a wall panel or work surface.  A metallic crinkled fabric was sandwiched between glass sheets giving a multitude of colours depending on which side of the stand you viewed it from
  3. Panel Piedra showcased a fabulous new wall panel named Cabernet.  Made from recycled Rioja wine barrels, the surface was extremely characterful both in the texture and mixture of colours, giving a unique finish 
  4. Displaying some amazing 3-D art was Emilie Osborne.  Her creations are made by manipulating recycled products into optical illusions using shape, depth and perspective
  5. Anastasia Cederstrema from Somerset College showed some nice examples of etched, printed, embossed and corroded aluminium tiles with an interesting use of colour
  6. Space Innovation presented some attractive digital printed wall coverings.  I was drawn one in particular for the brave use of bold colours and the way they blended into one another over a long repeat.  It would be interesting to see an installation of this pattern

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