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Colour Of The Month: Orchid

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Rich and opulent, Orchid oozes class and elegance.  Orchid takes inspiration from the beautiful Orchid flower colour palette, shades of rich pink and sun blushed purple.  Interior accessories are modern and use transparent plastic and glass coloured with the Orchid tone.  Fabrics are knitted and quite dense in construction on the flip side, fashion fabrics are free flowing, light and quite sheer, almost emulating Orchid petals.  Orchid is also Pantone’s colour of the year for 2014, it is a key colour not only for March but the entire year, so keep your eyes peeled for Orchid to be springing up everywhere this year!


  1. Orchid flower Source: As reported on WGSN
  2. Face Source: As seen at (Seen on WGSN)
  3. Blood vessels Source: As seen at (Seen on WGSN)
  4. Fabric Source: As seen at (Seen on WGSN)
  5. Meltdown lamp by Johan Lindsten for Cappellini Source: (Seen on WGSN)
  6. Box Powder Source: As seen at (Seen on WGSN)
  7. Manifattura Igea Spa at SPINEXPO autumn/winter 2014/15 Source: WGSN
  8. Topline and Kyototex at SPINEXPO autumn/winter 2014/15 Source: WGSN
  9. Alon Livne spring/summer 2014Catwalks, Alon Livne Source: WGSN


Orchid flooring concepts by placement student Sophie Hale:

Scribble - Graphite, Superflor - Electra, Palette 2000 -  Plum, Polichrome - Bougainville (updated)

Roomset - Straightfoward - Fuschia, Monolithic - Very Berry, Heuga (updated)

Straightfoward - Fuschia, Superflor -Electra, Monochrome - Very Berry (updated)

Room 1 - Scribble Graphic, Superflor Electra, Palette 2000 Plum and Polichrome Bougainville

Room 2 - Straightforward Fuschia, Monochrome Very Berry and Heuga 727 PD Pashmina

Room 3 – Straightforward Fuschia,  Superflor Electra and  Monochrome Very Berry

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