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Emerging Trend: Cork

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Cork is a material which can be seen coming through this season in many areas such as fashion, footwear, gadgets, upholstery and accessories. Cork is given a new youthful look with specks and splashes of colour added to the surfaces. This can be done by painting, printing and stitching onto the surface making a versatile yet fashionable material to work with. As well as this it can easily be made into shoes and used for covering furniture or even used as wall covering.   


  1. Natural cork case for Nokia Lumia Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  2. cork Bag Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  3. Amorim at Domotex 2014 Source:WGSN
  4. Simplified cork sweater by Ffixxed Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  5. Lite cork trainer by Gourmet Source: As seen at (seen on WGSN)
  6. Corkart at Domotex 2014 Source:WGSN

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