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Colour Insight: Lemonade

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Lemonade is a fresh citrus yellow, that exudes a vibrant, youthful energy. Bubbles are playful and buoyant in movement, perfectly rounded in shape and effervescing in texture. This colour oozes personality and is so often a leading colour for Spring palettes.

The lemonade bubbles add varying shades of white to the yellow base, creating a transient colour, with translucent qualities.

Yellow has been highlighted as a key colour and will undoubtedly be seen in many trending colour palettes within the next few years. The need for yellow within our lives, has never been more prevalent than is it now during the economic crisis. As a colour that psychologically induces optimism, energy, creativity and happiness, it has become a beacon colour for this era. It is also considered the strongest psychological colour, as it is synonymous with the ego, emotion and self-esteem.

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