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5 products that care for the health of employees (while increasing productivity)

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Although technology can stimulate productivity it can cause pain and discomfort, which can then affect concentration and creativity and lead to further health problems. A recent study from officesnaps found that ‘The more effectively an interior workstation layout supports the work process the greater the job satisfaction.’ This stated that ‘The greater control employees have over the adjustment of interior workstation features, the lower the stress they experience.’

So if you’re spending long periods of time at your desk every day you might want to check out some of these gadgets to help improve posture, increase productivity and lower stress!


A chair adapted to modern devices

When we spend 6-8 hours of a working day generally sat down its good to know that Steelcase have come to the rescue with the Gesture Chair. Due for release in autumn 2013 the Gesture chair is designed to support our interaction’s with modern day gadgets. Inspired by the human body and the different task and technologies we use in today’s working environments, its ergonomic features aim to support new sitting positions.

The video below shows the new task chair by Steelcase and a range of new postures adapted from using modern devices within the workplace. The rigid computer desk set-up is transforming into a more relaxed posture when varying between tasks around our workstation, using applications such as smart phones and Ipads.


A stationary for bike lovers

If the treadmill isn’t really your thing then FITDesk offer a solution for you bike lovers out there. The FitDesk X, FitDesk PRO and FitDesk Executive Trainer. The FitDesk is a stationary exercise bike that allows a person to mount a laptop computer whilst pedaling. And claims to be a great way to maintain an active lifestyle while also remaining productive.’ And the time lost? Only that of changing into your trainers!




A soft floor for less postural discomfort

A comfortable and forgiving flooring surface is a great aid to employee health and well being. Walking or standing on hard floors for long periods can cause varicose veins, aching feet, swollen legs, lower back pain, general muscle stiffness, an increased risk of impaired and damaged muscle function, as well as reduced elasticity in the spinal column. Research has shown that softer floor materials such as carpet usually result in less postural discomfort than standing on hard floor surfaces.

In general, carpets and carpet tiles provide a softer, more comfortable flooring option that acts as a shock absorber and absorbs foot traffic, allowing the carpet to bounce back into shape. In general, the thicker the fibre, the higher the bounce factor.

Interface has developed a modular resilient underfloor, called Interlay, that provides extra cushioning under carpet tiles, adding softness and comfort as well as improved acoustic properties. 


An office desk that helps to burn calories while working

The Walkstation and Sit-to-Walkstation also by Steelcase offers a totally new dimension to the typical office desk. The apparatus does not come cheap, with a maximum speed of 2mph and a height adjustable work surface, it allows you to be active and complete your work tasks at the same time. An average of 60cals per hour can be burnt whilst standing therefore the low speed commercial grade treadmill helps you burn calories, feel healthier and more energized all at the same time.




Exercise balls as desk chairs

Along more cost effective solutions is the inflatable exercise ball. Yes, it has a new home; it’s bounced out of the gym and into the office. Although prolonged sitting is not recommended, 20-30 minutes a day of sitting on a stability ball can improve posture by strengthening core muscles. Exercise balls as desk chairs help to encourage a more relaxed and playful place of work. Companies whose employees appear to be having fun will find it easier to retain and attract new employees. But beware; these balls can certainly be a trip hazard!




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